Cost control in the public cloud

Microsoft Azure Tools

Option 1 – Azure reports “…Ok…”
Option 2 – Down load Excel
Option 3 – Power BI Content Pack, Licenses via Azure (Purchase 1 Power user and multi read only accounts)
Option 4 Custom + EA API


Azure Console, Enterprise Agrement
“Interesting bit is the API Key, to use in Power BI”

Speakers Advice

“Trick is not knowing what is being spent but knowing that it is being spent well!”
“Dig down into costs by service to work out ‘where’ the money has gone. Normally notice something increasing and then develop the understanding on WHY”

Cost management Tips

  1. Are you using MSDN where appropriate?
  2. Are you using the right kind of subscriptions? (MSDN, Dev/Test where appropriate)
  3. Have you considered an Enterprise Agreement
  4. Shutdown down when its not needed* Azure Automation / Azure Dev Test Labs
  5. How often do you review cloud usage?
  6. Prototype to get accurate cost estimates?
  7. Use departments and tags for even deeper analysis?


Does the finance team cope with fluctuating monthly costs? Not been asked to smooth out so happy? (Maybe)

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