VMware technical deep dive

Introduction to SDDC
Blueprints are used to get the final result required. Day 1 create blueprints that work independent to platform so you keep the ability to change to the best hypervisor in the future.
VSAN side talk
  • Yes customers are using it in production
  • Start small and increase (Print servers, DMZ and VDI are all good options to begin with)
“How practical is it to move my stuff to the cloud”
  • What about legacy applications (Think about fault domains)
Talk about cloud pricing
vRealize – VROPs
Health – Don’t ignore the alerts, they are important
vRealize Automation – VRA
A “vending machine” for getting VMs
Free trial available to learn the technology. Requires up front effort
Advice from the floor
“You can never get back, what has been given out”
vRealise Business
(Takes information from vCOPs, including groups)
  • Total cost calculation
  • Operational costs
  • Consumption analysis
  • Real-time pricing updates + customer over-ride/adjustment
  • Cost by VM or Group
  • Compare Clouds
From floor – http://manageiq.org/
VMWare Validated Designs (VVD's)

VMware Free education
VMware Certified Associate 6 – Data Center Virtualization (VCA6-DCV)

Brain power team

NSX – Network virtualisation

Hardware agnostic
Can be used to pass layer 2 traffic over the layer 3 network. Enable 1 flat network across all sites.
Can run multiple UNIQUE tenants on the same cable!
  • Can be used to clone production to create pre-prod environments etc.
Can provision VMs, Networks, VLANs, Security policies, firewalls and load balancers as a single process
STOP managing individual VMs
Policies do the heavy lifting
Spin-up entire environment in minutes. Goal is to have infrastructure as code
Side talk about blue/green vs SIT/DEV/PROD
AV scanners can tag VMs with issues. NSX will then move the network until the problem is resolved via the runback rules.
vSphere Optimization Assessment
Report from engineer based on results. Calls out the most important issues that will result in a near future drama.
Talk to cmcdowall@vmware.com
Subject VOA – NSX

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