What is the TechUG Community about?

Tech Community for IT Infrastructure ProfessionalsTechUG is an independent user group community for IT Professionals. Run for users, by users, we’re a enterprise tech community focused on Technology Change & modernising IT Infrastructure.. The tech communities are user driven and run locally in 9 cities around the UK & Ireland. Each city has a group of volunteer committee members supported by a central team. Together, the committee organises and hosts our free community events. TechUG Events take place twice a year in each city (so we’re currently running 18 events a year). As a community, TechUG collaborates with other user groups, supporting them as they get started or co-hosting joint events. 


TechUG community events are run as full day conferences, with up to three tracks of content. They’re run like a proper conference, everyone gets a badge, there are refreshments, a hot lunch and the ‘infamous’ geek out at the bar session at the end of every event. All events are free to attend, the community works with sponsors who essentially pay for the hotels, food and refreshments.


Until 2014, TechUG was called the Virtual Machine User Group (VMUG). The Leeds Community was started By Gav Brining and Brendon Higgins back in 2009. We now host tech community events in Glasgow, Cardiff, Newcastle, Birmingham, Reading Manchester, Dublin and London. Even though the community has expanded, our aim of creating local communities for people interested in all aspects of IT Infrastructure.

What we do…

As an industry leader of user groups, we hold many local events throughout the year. We focus on creating buzzing local communities. The events are places where like-minded IT professionals can meet up, hear about the latest developments and technologies in their field. They can network with local peers, hear from experts and learn at themed tech community events.

TechUG is Community First

To help facilitate networking and knowledge exchange, we’ve developed a community networking app (like a private version of Slack). All community members have access to the TechUG App which has some great features, These include a live calendar, instant messaging, group communications and a member directory. 

With the help of our community sponsors, all TechUG community events are free to attend and include refreshments, a hot lunch and networking drinks.

Why not come along to a TechUG and check out our upcoming community events.