Cyber Security – It’s not rocket science

Cyber Security – It’s not rocket science
Helen Williams, Cyber Protect Office
Titan, North West Regional Crime Unit

National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021

  • Defend
  • Deter
  • Develop

2 Types of crime
Cyber Dependant Crime (Pure Cyber Crime)
Botnets, Denial of Service, Malware, Trojans, Hackings

Cyber Enabled Crime
Fraud, Trafficking, Sexual Offences, Bullying, Theft, Drugs

Where does the threat come from?

  • Criminals / Hacktivists / Business Competitors
  • Current or Former Employees

It’s a Scam!
Main issue police are called for
Staff education and awareness is the best defence

Top tip
Email Breaches –
Ransomware Help –

Police advice is DON’T PAY RANSOM

Crimes in action
DDOS & Ransomware – Please phone police and report ASAP via ActionFraud.
0300 123 2040 – Press 9 if ‘live’ incident

Free tools available for the public sector

Info web site

Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP)

CiSP is a joint industry and government initiative set up to exchange cyber threat information in real time, in a secure, confidential and dynamic environment, increasing situational awareness and reducing the impact on UK business.

Cyber Aware

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