Workspace IoT

Example give of a medical application system that had reduced productivity by a third.
Another example give of meeting rooms with conferencing kit. 10 minutes spent “Can you hear me…”
Have a try
Use Flows to develop
Coders are recommended to use Meshblu
Channels & Devices
  • Channels/Endos
  • Slurry
  • Devices
  • Connectors
“Connect anything & everything together” – Octoblu
Demo of automation using a form
Citrix Secure Forms (Include with Xen mobile platinum licenses)
Everything in Octoblu is sent as ‘messages’ using JSON
If Octoblu doesn’t have what you need, you can use a ‘function’ to process the message using JavaScript.
“Things” is integration options. Meshblu integration to enable ‘edge’ processing. Just in case the internet link fails, don’t want to loss the ability to turn lights off.
Speaker recommends ExtraHop
Use case with Octoblu & ExtraHop that identifies issues and then resolves them.
Online community on Slack

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