TechUG Glasgow 30th August 2018 – Slides with Comments & Post Event Summary

Presentations from the TechUG Glasgow event which took place on Thursday 30th August 2018 

Agenda for the Day

TechUG Glasgow Agenda 300818

Delivering Secure In House Apps at Forestry Enterprise Scotland – Alasdair Crawford, Citrix Project Lead, Forestry Enterprise Scotland,  Technical Director, Kalamath Consultancy

Who are the Forestry Commission?
1,000 Secure laptops
Multiple remote sites in ‘wilderness’ that must connect
Data locality requirements for some applications
Wide range of workforce – Not just lumberjacks

Why Citrix
Low bandwidth requirements
Us any device

Why use Citrix Cloud services rather than build out own on-prem environment?

* Remove issues of managing complex supporting infrastructure
* Increase HA by hosting in Azure

How is the Azure cost forecaste matching up to the ‘actual’ costs?

* Not enough history to say either way at minute but no ‘bill shock’ to report. Talked about ways to reduce cost, such as scripts to power down systems automatically and advance payment to get lower rates.

Do you see it becoming possible to quickly
repeat the project for a 2nd company using the ‘scripts’ from the 1st?

* No… Yes the infrastructure can be stood up quickly and the real money is in the apps. Sizing is the problem and managing costs

Delivering Secure Apps at Forestry Enterprise Scotland

Getting Hands on With Azure Migrate Sarah Lean, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

What is Driving Migrations?

DC contracts expire, etc

Azure Migrate – VM migration software | Microsoft Azure

Create a VM migration plan for getting your on-premises resources to the Azure cloud using migrationsoftware that helps organise your virtual machines and …

About Azure Migrate | Microsoft Docs

Why use Azure Migrate? Current limitations; What do I need to pay for? What’s in an assessment? How does Azure Migrate work? What are the …
‎Why use Azure Migrate? · ‎Current limitations · ‎How does Azure Migrate work?

Agentless virtual machine discovery through virtual appliance
Dependency mapping to ensure full visibility of all application VMs
Intelligent right-sizing
Cost Analysis
Azure readiness

Ensure the vCenter logging level is set to level 3 and use a minimum of 30 days data

* Don’t worry that Migrate tool is based in USA. End points are local

Data collected
Disk Sizes
Network Adapters
CPU Usage
Memory usage

Links on PIC

Azure Free tier

Azure Migrate Documentation


Azure Migrate - Sarah Lean - Microsoft - Glasgow August 2018

Software Defined Storage for your Cloud Strategy Darren Sanders, Principle Consultant, Celerity
The adoption of Software Defined Storage solutions is growing as more organisations strive to reduce IT ownership costs and improve storage efficiency. We will explore IBM’s extensive Software Defined Storage portfolio and discuss how it can be integrated with your cloud transformation strategy.

TechUG - Celerity - Software Defined Storage

Employing a smarter network to support your business Ritesh Mukherjee, VP Product Management, 128Technology Kevin Penn, CEO, EssentialNET

“128 is the name of the street outside the company office”

Old world
Hardware-Centric Networking

Router+Firewall+Load balancer+Deep Packet Inspection+Tunnels

Each is a billion $ industry. Why not do all these functions in the router?

The network exists to deliver services and applications, the language of which is SESSIONS

128 Routers offer
Session Awareness
Service Centric
Waypoint Setting
Meta Data

Networks are complex and use terms like 1.1.1.x talks to 1.1.2.x and ACLs on them. This doesn’t map well onto the business requirements.

128T EssentialNet TechUG Glasgow

Own your Cloud Experience Grant Amos, ThinkAgile CP Solution Manager, Lenovo

IT services increasingly delievered through Clouds
Rapid deployment
Easy of Use
Minimal management

BUT – “47% of enterprises reclaimed apps from public cloud in the last 12 months” IDC

Business have many paths to the cloud, application needs drive cloud deployments choices.

ThinkAgile CP
Own your cloud experience with Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Series …

ThinkAgile CP Series empowers project stakeholders with resources they can control. This all-in-one turnkey composable private cloud platform can accelerate …

Cloud Portal
Templates already available for usage
** Uses KVM as hypervisor, no more paying VMware tax

Heavy lifting is done by Cloudistics
Private Cloud Platform | On Premises Cloud | Cloudistics Ignite
Cloudistics Private Cloud Platform brings the benefits of the public cloud experience in an on premises cloud, behind your own firewall. Experience all the …

Own Your Cloud Experience - Lenovo - Glasgow - August 2018

The Enterprise Cloud OS James Sturrock, Senior Systems Engineer, Nutanix

Nutanix - The Enterprise Cloud OS - Glasgow - August 2018

Enabling IT in the Cloud at Steve Mitchell, Head of Infrastructure & IT Operations, Azure Overview Presso

Working with Windows Analytics Simon Binder, Solution Architect, Atea Sverige AB

“Windows Analytics is a set of solutions for Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) that provide you with extensive data about the state of devices in your deployment.”

Speaker @Bindertech  #KneeDeepinTech

In God we trust. All others must bring data.

** Consider possible privacy issues

Windows Analytics – Microsoft – plenty of tools to help simplifying the process of updating

With built-in tools such as Windows Analytics and programs like Windows Insider Program for Business, IT has the insights needed to update Windows 10 with …

  • Upgrade Readines
  • Update Compliance
  • Device Health

What do do next

  1. Sign up for analytics
  2. Have a Play
Working with Windows Analytics

Innovating and Modernising IT at Wrigleys Solicitors – Gav Brining, Head of IT, Wrigleys Solicitors & Brendon Higgins, Technical Architect, Wrigleys Solicitors

IT Change at Wrigleys Solicitors

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