Application Centric meets Predictive Flash

Slides about who Nimble Storage are
Is flash enough? Predictive Analytics
Unified Flash Fabric – Single Consolidated Architecture
Dual controller model. Can combine multiple pairs into a GROUP for management.
No licenses – Features ‘in the box’
  • Snapshots 150,000 per array
  • Replication
  • Encryption
  • Near-instantaneous restores
  • Zero-data move copies
  • Reduce – Compress/Dedupe
Storage QoS
  • Automatically prevents noisy neighbours
  • Set performance tiers
VMware vVOLs
(Over half of Problems Happen Outside Storage)
Identify Noisy Neighbours with VMvisiton
Capacity & ‘Performance capacity’ planning
Stats are at pool level (per array)
Can be used to recommend upgrades
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