Getting started with Software Defined Storage

Getting started with Software Defined Storage
Martin Hosken, Principal Architect – VMware
“Today’s storage products do not meet the requirements of the evolving IT industry”
Software-defined Storage (SDS)
VMware vSAN Basics
Minimum of 4 servers with storage (disk groups). Install vSphere | vSAN and ‘simply’ select vSAN tick box to implement vSAN.
NB – Take care when designing and sizing vSAN
VMware run the vSAN via the kernel and other solutions implement a VM that is the storage gateway for the node.
5.5 —> 6.2 —> 6.5 —> 6.6.x
Enhanced stretched clusters
Long distance vmotion (two venters) vs ESC with single vCenter
vSAN is used for mixed workloads
* Check guidance if RAW mapped LUNs required.
Majority say that vSAN performance is Better than SAN. (at least 25% faster)
Top 10 reasons
  • Embedded in host
  • Runs on standard x86 hardware
  • Managed through VM-centric storage policies
  • Managed through vSphere Web client
  • High performance with Flash Acceleration (Spinning rust is not being sold, as flash is £/per GiB close)
  • Built-in failure tolerance
  • Deeply integrated VMware stack (tided to vSphere releases)
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • WebScale – Ready for Tomorrow
Learn More about vSAN
vSAN Sizer
vSAN Assessment
Hands-On Labs
Is adding new hosts to an established cluster an issue? No but BP states the processor & disk performance should be the same. System will operate at the speed of the slowest node.
Small LUN are now presented as large data stores. Small LUN are historical due to backup / restore requirements. vSAN uses object storage and these requirements no longer apply.
Datastore sizing – BP, don’t go above 80% utilisation or fragmentation can be come an issue and slow down
Is 40 GiB ethernet worth the extra investment? In most environments, 10 GiB is more than enough.
How to transition into a vSAN environment
MUST Consider
  • Protect existing investment in arrays
  • Interoperability existing DR
  • Choice a “grow-as-you-go”
NVMe – 17x faster than SSD. – Problem can’t be hot swapped Makes the node the failure domain.
Snapshots into S3 coming and lots more ‘cloudy’ features on the way 2018.
RAID 6 saves 66% over RAID 5 & has best FT but needs 6 nodes

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