Move beyond your backup insurance…

Move beyond your backup insurance…
this is Cloud Backup
Bryan Berrisford, SE, Rubrik
Backup History
Typical model of agents, proxies, backup storage, tape and off-site archive…
“From Backup, Data Protection to cloud management”
Problems with backup services depending on production environment systems, scalability, enable organisation change such as merge and takeovers. More problems with owning systems and checking logs, backup needs to be autonomous.
KISS – Complexity has no place in backup systems. This includes recovery.
Needs to be fast for both backup and restore.
Different people in the business need different views of the data . Analytics gives them ONLY the information they need.
What is rubric?
Quick Start
Rack & go. Auto-discovery
Rapid Ingest. Flash-optimized, parallel ingest accelerates snapshots and eliminates stun. Content-aware deduce. One global namespace.
Automate. Intelligent SLA policy engine for effortless management
Instant Restore
Cloud. CloudOut instantly accessible with global search
Run anywhere. Backup on prem and restore into the cloud. Includes conversion
Cloud needs framework. Uses swagger
Purchase an physical appliance in different sizes of RAW (front end storage)
No capacity license and (backend storage) to achieve to cloud is a nominal fee of about 10% of the appliance.
ROBO sites can be served via a virtual appliance.
Protects both virtual and physical (Windows or Linux) machines. Can be used to backup a physical machine and then restore as a VM. PV2

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