Numero into Containers on Windows

Callcredit is regulated under PCI DSS, ICO, FCA and others

App =
Talk about Numero service

DevOps – Getting started with Value Stream Mapping

Fact Finding stage (NOT allowed to talk about future)
Identify waste – Red pen, Types of waste (Group was keen to improve and happy to remove waste)
Green pen time – optimise the design

PROBLEM – Long builds and tests that fail at the end of the process

Callcredit's requirements

  • Portable (deployable to the platform of choice)
  • Push an update once to all live instances
  • Quickly replicate any bespoke customer solution
  • Methodology suitable for other software products
  • Scalability
  • Resilience

Containers were the most obvious thing to try

Prep work
Identified the minimum viable product

  • Database
  • Core Services
  • Identity Component

Built Nemero solution from scratecgh
Confirmed Pre-requistes
Created pipeline in Octopus Deploy
Set up Azure sandbox

Visual Studio Team Services vs Team Foundation Server

The Hack
"Make it work in containers" If individual tasks became stuck, swarm the problem as a group…

Azure DevTest Labs
Single management interface to manage the environment. Auto shutdown and data geographic location

Used choclaty to push out known builds

Created recipes to enable repeatability of builds

DevOps process with containers
1. Devs build
2. Save to repo
3. Ops deploy from repo

SQL Server can be forced to run in a container but SQL PaaS is the future.

Build process was time consuming and took effort to design a working process
Used released triggers to enable continious deployment model.


  • MOM suite
  • Collects logs from Docker hosts
  • Intergrates into Azure portal
  • Allows export of logs to external platforms

Next Steps
Map and script everything we did. (Repeat process but document fully)
Orchestration Kubernetes? Swarm?
Recreate automatically in Azure

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