Storage has had many changes but data protection still dependant on 25 year old snapshot technology. All flash arrays (AFA) exspensive [agree price is falling]…


  • Hybrid storage arrau with 'Almost' all flash array performance but at a lower price point.
  • Dedupe & Compression – M'eh, everyone has that but in reduxio it is inline and always turned on.

Unique technology for managing data

  • A time-based database of writes
  • Advanced tiering engine
  • Unprecedented data reduction

Look at technology

Restore granularity with Reduxio (snap shots are a thing of the past, list given of why. Performance, maintaining consistency groups etc)

Storage effiency is 'like NetApp' in terms of delta.

Block storage. VMware data stores are held in LUNs. To restore a single VM from a data store, without rewinding the other VMs, is done by creating a point in time clone. Then copy (process is based on updating pointers, rather than moving blocks between storage volumes) the 'old' data into the current lun.

Question from room
"How do you protect the storage OS database?"
Reduxio are very carful of keeping the database alive.

Blog post about Reduxio

Backup copy of data is sent to a remote target inclouding cloud storage option. Restore requires only a copy of the meta data local, so the 2nd system can proxey reads from the cloud and save writes local. Slow to start with but will become quick over time as more data becomes local.

Device HX5500

Question in room
"Warry of 'Flash & trash', how does Reduxio avoid cache exhaustion"
More aware of meta data and avoid issue where possible. System has high quality SSDs to cope better with high loads and RAM cache is used to protect SSD cache.

Question about applance vs software only solution.
Currently applicance only.

Link to video

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