Are you Intune with your cloud app security?

Are you Intune with your cloud app security?
Ed Baker MVP, MS Technical Evangelist, Excalibur Services
@serverguyuk (5 SLA for answer. Azure or Windows server 2016 questions)
Security and Reliance for your your cloud Apps.
What has changed? – Was all on-premises and ring fenced access.
Then life with cloud
(Limited visibility & control)
The problem is complex
Find unmanaged cloud applications with Cloud App Discovery (Free tool)
“We trust you but not your credentials” so trust no one!
Enterprise Mobility + Security
The Microsoft vision
Microsoft Intune
  • Azure AD
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Azure Information Protection
Buy MS EMS Suite as the licenses are lower cost than other Azure options to achieve the system
Pricing Options
Questions to answer when talking about data?
  • Access control – Can you detect downloads
  • Threat detection – Have you been breached
  • Data breach – Has private data become public
  • Shadow IT – What ARE people using
Azure Information Protection with Cloud App Security
Portal of CLOUD application usage by users in org. Can also process logs from on-premises firewalls and proxies.
Basically – Who, What, & Where by users
Detects 3rd party cloud apps via firewall/proxie traffic and still reports on them
Search for files and where they are being shared.
Power comes from policies . Some templates available in the menu.
To options to resolve problem files, user or admin quarantine. User flags issue to user and they fix it and admin ‘locks’ the user out of the file.

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    Thanks for finally talking about > Are you Intune with your cloud app security?
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