AWS Lessons Learned by VMware admin

Amazon's Web Services: Lessons Learned from a VMware Admin
In this session Michelle shares with the group key concepts of Amazon AWS, including the typical pitfalls and pratfalls that a VMware specialist might accidentally fall into.
Michelle will share hard-won experience gained from using Amazon's platform at the coalface.

4 Quadrant grid
Learning AWS
  • It is way to easy to create stuff and inherit “Dodgy Defaults”
Next, next, finish…
Example of AWS security groups given
Default is to create a new security group for every new virtual machine. Going to hit the maximum 500 limit. Also, do you want a single group that is know and well managed or many ‘assumed’ to be OK groups?
Amazon AWS is too difficult
– See slides (Beware the wizard!)
Example of VPC CIDR exhaustion given. Warning about problems with routing IP between VPCs with duplicate IP ranges.
Bill Shock
Email with epic bill for last 5 days…
Lots of examples given in the room of bills people have ‘heard’ in the community

Technology UG talks on similar topics

Security Best Practices for architecting in AWS
Cost control in the public cloud
How we got into the Azure cloud
Bill Shock
  • PAYG might seem appealing
Beware of dripping taps
Beware of lights being left on
Example of Mobile phones & contracts VS PAYG given
Costs have to be seen in a MUCH wider context:
Long-term financing of CAPEX vs Short-term leasing from Public Cloud
– Though experiment about long term ‘actual’ costs vs low startup costs to get around budget policy roles.
English short termisum vs German long term view with 5 & 10 financial reporting
Training used by speaker to learn
Amazon Route 53 (Clever DNS)

The 1990’s Analogy

If Virtualization is

The spreadsheet

The cloud is the database
  • Architect role is vital
  • Pre-planning is vital
  • Scripting in a DevOps Approach

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