Building Your Data Security Policy

“Stopping data leaks”
Paul Stringfellow, Technical Director
Gardner Systems
Assume the position
*Not the tech, looking at the data
*Start with the position – Data is already gone
*1 Where are you now? What and where is the data
*2 Who has access to it
*3 What is inside the files. Any credit cards? Problem EU data protection directive
*4 Where is the data, what happens to the copies and backups. What is in the test & dev environment
*5 When does it get used? 80% of data doesn’t get used.
* Email sent to the wrong address by mistake
* 365 Data leak prevention templates to turn on.
* Shadow IT, drop box, etc
* Old way just block social media
* What devices are out in the organisation
* MS MAPs tool kit, free and basic scan
* Passwords – SH!t People just don’t do them well
* Network access control is coming back into fashion
* Badly patching causes lots of issues
Edge Data
* Can the data be found? Governance, data protection reasons
! Goober is a ‘nice’ solution
* Version control and which copy of data is the authoritative version
* New devices – iPhone 7. Getting connected tomorrow
! Technology is let down by stupid
* Education – Why is it a problem in the 1st place. Get buy in a problem is less
* HR needs to show disciplinary support
* People need to understand what the consequences. EU DP Policy – 4% Global turn over
Why (Do we care)
* Small targets are used to attack supply chain
* Large companies are requiring suppliers to have policies in place
What’s your problem
ALet Logic – Service
Getting head count – Skills
“IT Getting in the way” – Be the team that says yes. Shadow IT
* Does the company ‘what’ the project. Could be wasting personal time
* What is the ‘normal’
* Everyone needs to buy into data leak prevention
10 Steps – CSG Web site

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