Containerising a Service – Desk Environment


Jason Fitzgerald, @jay_fitzgerald

Blog –
Service Desk
  • Bespoke system – PHP programmed with database
  • Does everything that is important in the organisation including paying engineers
What is docker
Virtual Machines vs Containers
DEMO – nginx container install
Bits With The Fitz
Manage data in containers
Development Method
Pull down container, clone data, develop, push back into dockerhub, then becomes the live version
  • Docker Committ
  • Docker Pull
CHANGEOrganisation is no longer afraid to modify the application.
* Docker commit command allows tags to be included and this is how they are managing version control of application
Contains live & die, servers live as long as possible
Moved from a single server running Windows 2003 with Apache & mySQL. To a mySQL container and multiple NGINX containers.
Migration was simply taking the Apache files and copying them to the NGINX server. “It just worked!” SQL needed an export and import of the data. Lots of documentation available via web/blogs.
Lessons learned – Contains don’t have names, just IDs. Lost work due to not having change control in place.

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