Delivery a VMware cloud management platform

Delivery a VMware cloud management platform – The Good, the bad and the ugly. Reviewing a recent project that delievered a VMware cloud management platform and automation solution for a leading global electronics distributor.
Automation for Server Builds via self service and a service catalog
Project Timeline
  • Requirements Gathering – 1 month
  • High Level Design – 3 Months
  • Low Level Design – 3 Months
  • Delivery & Development – 6~9 Months
  • Knowledge Transfer – 1 Month
vRealize Log server
vRealize Suite – SDDC
– All API driven to enable automation
Question about making the suite work. i.e. Move from installed to configured…
Learn Rainpole via labs
All about the blueprints
Question about costs and show back during the VM self-service order process. Recommend look at –
Question about deferent ways of solving the problem. Link to Glasgow talk on same topic.
Lessons Learnt
  • Don’t forget to include the automation infrastructure requirements in the sizing
  • Manage the “gap” between customer expectation and solutions deliverables
  • Cloud management project is not the same as a traditional infrastructure project. It’s just as much about the development
  • It is not a static entity
  • Infrastructure Dev environment is ESSENTIAL for ongoing BAU support. A sandpit Dev environment is needed to develop the solution going forward.
KISS – Complexity adds cost
Time (NTP), the network and DNS (Both forward & Reverse) are all services that can create problems. Start troubleshooting here
Check your password lockout in VM Templates
If the template won’t deploy in vCenter, there is ZERO chance of it working in vRealize. Therefore manually test with vCenter
If you don’t have skills in house, it is NEVER too early to start developing staff

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