Head to Head: Azure Stack vs Azure Pack

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Iaas – Lift and shift of VMs to the cloud. “10 years time IaaS will be gone.” The model has no future. Containers are the future…
Tend to see people who run Azure, also have Hyper-V & AWS with VMware.
Azure Pack
Tools are primarily to automate repetitive tasks. Need to develop the mind set “I will learn to automate my tasks” because to the old roles are disappearing.
Talk about hyper convergence technology and who owns the new production environment. Example of a problem that takes down the environment and the people who say “I don’t understand that technology” find themselves as no longer needed.
Who is the driver for change within the business? Developers now lead the change and take the business were it wants to go. Traditional IT say ‘no’ so devs work around the issue and create shadow IT.
Slide of the year 2012 when Microsoft bring out Azure in response to AWS. Talked about how the world changed because VMs became ephemeral and focus moved to services that were portable.
Why the Azure Service Bus is important.
Example about a web site that puts an order in a bucket (Service Bus), that is processed by the worker role.
Need to learn and understand Queues (Rabbit MQ, etc.)
Developers are working with marketing on the business processes. IT is now just the plumber tasked with delivering the infrastructure as requested by the devs.
Microsoft Resource Manager concept
Infrastructure as code
We are no longer the Network or Storage engineer. We have become the network & storage engineer…
Azure Stack- Inf as code platform
Link to Azure stack documents
Talk about price and value of a 12 node system.
How Azure stack is patched and maintained. Super patch comes down once a month. These can be deferred for up to 3 months, then the environment is placed into ‘warning’ by MS. At the 6 month mark, the system becomes unsupported.
Blog about Azure stack
Microsoft has all its bets on Azure Stack. SCM is gone as of 2017.
Demo of Azure stack running on a Dell server 192 Gb RAM, SSDs and networking.
1st tenant is hyper-v
2nd tenant is networking (VXLan)
Internals of Azure stack
See MS
Talk – Hardware used in Azure stack is commodity but because of the software wrapper. It comes with an enterprise SLA.
Azure stack is currently open and people are able to access the inner workings. MS have stated that when Azure stack goes GA, everything with be locked down and will become Microsoft/Server provider only.
The Azure management console come in two flavours with a 2nd one for admins which is locked down and has additional security, such as restricted access locations. i.e. prevent access from public wifi hotspots.
Azure Stack data protection
The Infrastructure configuration is protected by MS however the VMs running in the stack are the customers responsibility to protect.
Question about certification for administrators.
  • Yes it is the Azure admin certs.
  • The exams are constantly changing

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