Integrating your Systems with Logic Apps

Integrating your Systems with Logic Apps
Michael Stephenson
Positioning Logic Apps
“Microsoft Integration Suite”
Citizen Integrator
Licensed with O365 (free)
Logic apps is the next level up from flow.
Functions is next up from Logic Apps
Then BizTalk Server
* BizTalk has extra tools to manage outages of connection points/services
Connectors do the heavy lifting
Coolest things
  • I can have a production ready integration in hours
  • Consumption pricing means pay as you go
  • Serverless
  • Troubleshooting is easy
  • I can consume my logic apps easily from other apps (Powershelgl, REST, etc)
  • Azure scales to support my load
  • Logic Apps scales from simple to complex
Basic setup – Deploy empty logic app in under 5 minutes
Demo 2
Connected AWS Alexa to logic app
* Recommended tip. Dedupe check on logic apps to confirm that the code has not been run before to reduce costs by not wasting run time.
Common use case
Link Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Saleforce for when a business uses both applications and needs to keep them in sync.

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