Introduction to Rubrik

Introduction to Rubrik
All Your Apps. Instantly Available
Darren Swift, Rubrik
Data management: 2000’s to Present
Rubrik – The Cloud Data Management Company
Rubrik delivers instant application availability to hybrid cloud enterprises for recovery, search, cloud, & development. All Your Apps. Instantly Available.
Scale out cluster. Need more power, add more nodes
Globally deduped backup repository for public cloud and on-prem systems
Quick Start: Rack and go. Auto-discovery
1st backup is full then incremental forever. Fast restores due to reverse incremental backups.
Cloud out option to move data from Rubrik system to cloud storage of choice to increase capacity
DR Site
Possible to run VMs from rubrik hardware removing the requirement for SAN at DR site
DR in cloud
Could have DR site in the cloud and start VMs as EC2 or Azure Instances
  • Simple, scalable data management for all apps
  • Built for the cloud generation
  • Significantly reduce the TCO
HTML 5 interface
Can manage back policy based on VMware folders or tags
Restore options including launch on cloud. Also showed and SQL database being restored.

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