Nutanix Community Edition Training Course Guide

In June 2015 Nutanix launched “Nutanix Community Edition” and the “Acropolis” scale-out platform to the world.

TechUG has been involved in the Nutanix CE beta programme since day one and attended the launch event in June.

If you would like to experience the next generation hyper-converged infrastructure first hand, why not come along to one of our labs and build a Nutanix Community Edition cluster for yourself. :Community Edition is a 100% software solution enabling technology enthusiasts to easily evaluate the latest hyperconvergence technology at zero cost

We have created a structured training course and lab manual that will take you from a bare metal server , all the way up to a full set of VMs running on Acropolis.

Feel free to download the Nutanix CE labs guide and come along to one of our Autumn IT Pro events to try it our in our Labs.

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