Rethinking Storage

Shadow IT happens because it solves problems and people can quickly get what they need by paying on a credit card. (Large monthly bill becomes the new problem)
Users demand access to data when-ever and where-ever they want. Company managers can do all sorts at home and now expect these feactures in the office.

Talk about 'Shadow IT'

* Traditional storage solutions are running out of ideas to keep growing. A new way of managing data is required. Moving on from one storage company to create a new storage company. Results in a simular solution.

Joke about “Bezzel Tax” as most storage is a super micro box.

Introducing Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform
Single cluster for almost any workload
Native multi-site high availability
True Hybrid cloud
A Single Product that provides
  • Fully software defined
  • Multi-hypervisor support
  • Bare metal and container support
  • Cloud Native
  • Multi-PB scale
Two-tier software defined storage solution
Enables Active / Active Datacentres – Multisite Cluster
Q&A – How does active / active work? “Think of RAID volumes. The VM is not a ‘copy’ a RAID disk. Data in Hedvig shared within clusters and not redundant copies.
Q&A – Can I afford it? – Sold as capacity licenses.
Q&A – Does this help with the cost of getting the data back out of the cloud? Yes. Have onsite copy and just delete the cloud.

Q&A – How does it compair to CEPH storage?

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