Running Hyper-V and ESXi together
Show of hands, room had 100% ESXi as the production hypervisour

Started Hyper-V 2008
Built a brand new Active / Active enviornment with 3rd DC for witness/quorum
Kit – 3PAR, Cisco Nexuos, Blades

(Hyper-V is 'free' like the "Streering wheel when you purchase a car!")

Management Goals – RPO & RTO of Zero!
VMware 5.5 & Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 Core
* Hyper-V virtual fibre channel (vFC) works great and doesn't bind to a VM.
Had fun with HPE CLX (Would now use peer specific, to deliever solution now)

Systems Management is a challenge due to the number of consoles.

Monitoring – vCenter gives them everything they need. Microsoft needs Systems Center to get the same level of information.

ESXi "never let down" while Hyper-V has been "less reliable"

VMware agentless protection but Hyper-V at the time didn't offer. ESXi lockdown mode is quick & easy way to limit host access. MS is 'open'… (Server 2016 comes with SMBv1 enabled)

Windows Core limits the support tools that can be utilised to troubleshoot problems. Also had to wait for 'core' engineers to become available. 3rd parties 'struggle' with core.

Lessons Learnt

  • Running 2 hypervisors adds cost & complexity
  • ESXi is the preferred platform with 3rd parties, making it very hard to remove
  • Documentation overhead due to differences between platforms
  • Economies of scale cannot be realised nor can efficiencies in process
  • Security was more of a challenge than necessary
  • Designing next generation is more challenging
  • Capacity planning is an issue as it is not clear which platform will be used by projects
    • All vendours support ESXi but Hyper-V sometimes is an issue
  • Expirence shows VMware is more reliable and stable

Q&A with room
2 people considering migration to Hyper-V. Advice was to work VERY hard to avoid having two hypervisor platforms in production.

Visual Studio Code is the console of choice. PowerCLI & Powershell is how they manage systems.

Scripts – Use Team Foundation Server for source control & versioning. Scripts are signed and effort has been put into creating blocks of code for specific functions, such as copy file or update a table. This then enables recycling of code. Still a work in progress.

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