Serverless vs Codeless solutions on Azure


Buzzword Positioning using the Gartner Hype Cycle


  • Focus on functionality not code
  • Been around for years
  • RAD -Rapid Application Development
  • Re-invigorated by the Citizen Developer
  • Codeless or Low Code
  • Focus on code not server
  • Solutions built with an abstraction from server
  • Characteristics
    • No VM to provision/manage
    • Dynamic vs Block Scaling
    • Cost dedicated compute vs per execution

Examples are:
Platform as a service
Backend as a Service
Function as a Service

Azure Serverless Platform

Serverless vs Codeless
Matrix to compare examples of systems
Four way grid between Zero Code to Lots of Code on X axis
Server Full (top) to Server Less (bottom)

Different Azure options given and placed on martix

Live demo of the 4 different code types in action on Azure using the same tweeter based application
Example given of Serverless Architecture
Azure app to detect sentiment from text
Azure flow apps can show up in organisation's 365 dashboard

Examples of Codeless & server less technology

  • Azure Scheduler
  • Azure Search
  • Cognitive Services
  • Lots of Serverless services on Azure
  • Empower teams
  • Free your IT Pro from low value tasks
  • Pay per execution or pay for reserved capacity (Warning about possible costs)
Codeless (Power apps & flow)
  • Work within constraints mean you can write less code
  • Serverless can work with codeless or lots of code solution
What should I choose?
  • Have company preferences/principles
  • Try to be consistent
  • Align choices to team skills sets
  • Align choices to IT strategy
Q&A about On prem vs Cloud costs.
Cloud enables actual charge back for applications, moving IT is expensive to HR costs X.
Now systems are created with “How can I show billing data for this application back to the business”

Is there a standard coming to enable comparing services & functions between clouds? "Yes, website URL promisied"

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