Step 2.5 on the cloud adoption process

Gordon Davey
Head of Cloud Architecture – WTW Corporate IT
Wills Tower Whatson is two companies that merged and has 40,000 Staff with 640 IT staff and 2,700 people who are (IT focused).
Step 1
Making the cloud decision
“All in”, Never or Cloud 1st
Step 2
Early Deployment
“The low hanging fruit…”
– Reduce shadow IT via no initial charge-back, simple but fairly effective in our experience
Start getting standards in place but accept it is a work in progress
Work with stakeholders who are already bought-in and use lighthouse projects to evangelise success.
Step 2.5
Trying to up the game
– Realised quickly that just the low-handing fruit was not going to make a substantial dent.
– Parallel datacenter consolidation project was creating ambiguity (duel migration with consolidate then move to cloud)
O365 for Exchange & Sharepoint which left 8 LOB applications still none cloud
Used Microsoft professional services for forecast costs with a VERY conservative model. Applications were moved using a ‘lift and shift’ with like for like VMs with IaaS. No PaaS options utilised.
Lessons learned
The organisational challenge
During this process it became very clear that the various segments & LOBs were not at the same maturity level and a single approach would not necessarily work
We are now doing further work on designing a fit for purpose future operational model that will assist all maturity levels and fully enable a DevOps approach
Gotchas – Web app with intergrated authentication
THE Nachos meta
LEGAL reviews ALWAYS takes longer than you expect
“Ask the legal team what needs happen to enable public cloud?” Don’t ask them why NOT or you will get a long list.
Use Test&Dev takes in Azure to save 40% on VM due to software licenses.
Request additional SKU-based discounts on common machine types

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