Transforming your Mindset – Evolve Traditional DR

Transforming your Mindset – Evolve Traditional DR
Zerto's virtual data replication software for VMWare, Hyper-V, Azure & AWS ensures disaster recovery & IT Resilience for virtualized & cloud datacenters.
Traditional DR solutions tend to be focused on ‘Unplanned Downtime’ but we need to deliver ‘Planned Downtime’ events easily
Cost of downtime
  • Daily backup – RPO 24 hours
  • Storage Replication – RPO hours
  • Zerto Virtual Replication – RPO 10 seconds
Enterprises need more than Backup or DR, they need resilience
Change – No lock-in, enable new tech and allow different vendor storage arrays to be used
Protect – Reduce impact, test, remove risk
Recover – Maximise uptime, fast migrations
Evolve – Replicate to over 400 Cloud Service Providers
Simplify – Future-proof hybrid cloud environments
How Zerto Works
  • Add Zerto Virtual Manager into every site.
  • Pick VMs to be protected
  • Add Virtual Replication Appliances to nodes.
  • Create mirrors of VMs at remote site
  • Create a journal of changes at remote site
Consistent Protection & Recovery
LUN Consistency Group evolved = Virtual Protection Group

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