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Upgrading Veeam 9 to 9.5

Upgrade process is fully documented in Veeam Backup User Guide v9.5

Basic steps

  1. Download 9.5 Upgrade Media
  2. Upgrade Veeam Enterprise Manager server
  3. Upgrade Veeam Backup and Replication server
  4. Accept offer to upgrade other Veeam servers automatically

* Make sure no backups/restores are running during the process

Upgrading to Enterprise Plus to get Scale out repositories
Basic process
  1. Purchase license & install key
  2. Using empty storage create new scale out repository
  3. Add existing storage as a storage extent of the new scale out repository
  4. Accept wizard's offer to update backup jobs so that them point to the new scale out repository

*MUST USE – Data locality policy to enable REFS ‘cool stuff’ on scale out repositories

Blog post – ReFS Saving

Windows 2016 Upgrades
If physical servers are used for backup repositories, customers may want to consider upgrading Windows 2012 to 2016 to access ReFS. Scale out backup repositories can be very useful to put storage into maintenance & evacuate data. Empty systems canm then be upgraded and returned to service with minimum VBR administor effort.

Blog Post – Change multiple settings in Veeam (SuperEdit)

Change multiple settings in Veeam.

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