Where Docker fits in Windows Enterprises

Docker on Windows
Elton Stoneman, Docker
@EltonStoneman, elton@docker.com
Why Docker containers?
Efficiency. 5-10x over VMs
Portability. Consistent deployment
Security. Provenance & trust (tools for security scanning & digital signing)
The docker Platform on Windows 2016 & Windows 10
“Build, Ship & Run”
> docker build
Summary of Microsoft Docker Images for .NET Core and .NET Framework
SHELL docker command enables setting script language. Default Windows command but power shell popular
Docker Image
Base image is the OS, then build up layers of ‘applications’
OCI – Open Container Initiative
Docker Hub (Packaged Apps)
Docker Store (Paid for packaged apps)
Image Registry
> docker run
Docker Container
– Linux (Name spaces & cgroups)
– Windows (Similar primitives)
Question Windows containers are licensed on the host. Run as many Windows containers as the Windows host can support.
DEMO – Windows Docker
> docker version
> docker run microsoft/nanoserver powershelgl write-output Hello TechUG
> docker run -it microsoft/windows
-interactive console connection
> docker run -d -p 80:80
– runs a detached container in background on port 80
Docker Fundermentals
Docker Image
– Packaged app | Read-only layers
Docker container
– App instance | Shared or dedicated kernel (Known as a hyper-container)
Licensing & support
“Developer ed is free”
– Windows host licensing | Microsoft & Docker support
Containerize Traditional Applications
Tool to migrate web apps
Transform Monoliths to Microservices
“Think of using containers at the feature level”
Accelerate New Applications
Use contains to pull in required building blocks
Hybrid cloud & Multi-cloud
Infrastructure Optimisation
“All about the dockerfile”
Docker Datacenter

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