Windows Profiles Through The Years

Windows Profiles Through The Years
How profiles developed/evolved, how managing them has changed (past, present & future)

James Rankin,
Technical Evangelist at Howell Technology Group

Windows User Profile

Profile = Apps, Data, Configuration

Main Problems

  • Speed of logon
  • File type associations
  • View settings
Windows 3.11

Windows NT – multi-user Windows!

Windows NT 3.x & 4.0 provided us with a true user profile for the first time
Profile types
Local, Roaming, Mandatory & Temporary Profiles
Windows 2000
Windows XP & Server 2003
Windows Vista/7/Server 2008/R2
Windows 8 /8.1/Server 2012/R2
Was meant to be backwards compatible but didn’t work well.
Windows 10/Server 2016
Junction points removed
Anatomy of current user profile
Profile performance
The big questions…
If the answer is yes, consider managing profiles
MS Roaming profiles – Problem they get big resulting in slow logon
Roaming Profiles + folder redirection (Traditional solution) – Problem. “Last writer wins” “Profile failure”
Roaming Profile Problems – Summary
ONLY USE ROAMING PROFILES with a simple application
Profile management tools
Lite – Microsoft User Profile Disks, limited support (fslogix – profile contains)
High end – Ivanti (Was appsense)
Look at Microsoft Enterprise State Roaming

Blog Post – Setting up FSLogix in Azure

ISSUE – Security for net use command. Key is very powerful, be careful.
Use reg key to ensure local copy.
Key Decision points
Profile management is very important… but a cloud-based solution should be the way forward.

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