Why Big Data matters to me

I am employed to look after look after storage and at over 30 Petabytes, lots of it.  However this is not the ‘Big Data’ which this blog is about.  Rather the endless ocean of data in the 1,000s of log files being constantly generated by the multiple devices in our environment. 

New Data Centre – Hong Kong

This last week I have taken it to the next level by helping to commissioning a new data centre in Hong Kong.  I am writing this blog as a way of passing some time on the flight back to the UK and hope it can help you to avoid some of the issues which have caused me problems.

Free Storage – Storage Efficiency

Free storage capacity – (No down time required)

This blog details the steps required to increase the available storage in a NetApp SAN for no extra money and very little effort.  If the environment has been in production for a while and capacity has become stable, it is even easier as the maximum size is easy to calculate.  Historic max plus safety margin..

Migrating from a Brocade 200e to a 5100 FCP switch

We have fill all the ports on the Brocade 200e but need to add some more hosts to the SAN via the fabric, so it was time to purchase a pair of larger switches.  This blog describes how I moved the config from one switch to another with minimum effort.