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Macrium Software is a leading provider of image-based backup and deployment tools for Windows systems. With over 8 million downloads and a worldwide network of over 2500 resellers, we have solutions for all customers.

Macrium Software is a strong advocate of full disk image based tools for use in data protection, image deployment and tools for IT professionals. Macrium Software has an extremely reliable imaging engine thanks to excellent VSS integration. Supporting this technology are local and Cloud-based management tools.

Macrium Reflect is the main product family with four editions: Home, Workstation, Server and Server Plus for Exchange and SQL. All versions offer the ability to image single or multiple partitions and clone disks, file and folder backup, GPT and Dynamic disk support
as well as providing a ReDeploy function that allows images to be restored to dissimilar hardware.

As an IT Professional, you might be interested in our Technician and Deployment Kit Licenses:

How to use the Macrium Reflect Technicians Deployment Kit License

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