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Park Place Technologies simplifies the management of complex technology environments worldwide. Our network of parts to support data centres is stored regionally, locally and on-site to allow for fast parts distribution and service to drive Uptime. Park Place created a new technology service category – Discover, Monitor, Support, Optimize (DMSO) – a fully integrated approach to managing critical infrastructure. Our industry-leading and award-winning services include ParkView™ Managed Services, Entuity software, and our Enterprise Operations Centre.

TechUG attendees will be interested to discover the diversity and breadth of Park Place services, from support and maintenance on storage, server and networking hardware, through to our range of Managed Services.

Park Place has also evolved to ensure our customers can monitor their IT infrastructure through one single pane of glass, and our portfolio of ParkView services provides automated support, monitoring, management and triage across storage, server and networking hardware, OS systems, and networking capacity.

We have also developed a set of automated and remote tools to enable customer experience through our Central Park customer portal, and our PPTechMobile mobile app, allowing customers to keep tabs on their IT infrastructure, on the move! 


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