Architecting infrastructure in the age of data privacy without going bankrupt – Eran Brown, CTO EMEA, INFINIDAT

Increasing security / privacy requirements (GDPR, NYDFS, HIPAA and others) have direct impact on the cost of infrastructure.
VMware vSphere offers new tools to mitigate these risks, however implementing them has wide implications: From secondary costs to change in operations processes. 
In this session Eran Brown, CTO EMEA at INFINIDAT will share experience from customers already leveraging these capabilities and will cover recent vSphere security features, and their implications:
  • Alternative End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)  approaches
  • Encryption as a risk-mitigation tool under GDPR
  • vSphere encryption
  • Downstream effects of VM encryption on other layers
  • Downstream effects on operational procesSes
  • Key management challenges
  • The wider E2EE ecosystem
  • Change encryption cost impact to a savings using learning algorithms.
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