Building a cloud security training platform – Paul Schwarzenberger, Cloud Security Architect, Celidor

Paul’s Cloud Security and DevSecOps training course features hands-on labs in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform, requiring numerous software tools and dependency applications to be installed on the student’s laptop. So that students can spend lab time learning about cloud security and DevSecOps, rather than debugging software installation issues, a unique virtual training environment has been developed and built, with all needed applications pre-installed. Students can arrive at the course with any laptop or even an iPad and take the course.

A novel approach has been taken to developing the training environment, using cloud services with automated deployment so the infrastructure can be built just before a course, and destroyed immediately afterwards, to ensure an affordable cost.

Blog posts on building the cloud security training environment have generated considerable interest, as this is an issue faced by most technical training providers, and to our knowledge this is the first time a practical, secure and affordable security training environment has been designed, implemented using automation of public cloud services, with details of the approach made publicly available.

This session covers the proof of concept, design, infrastructure as code, automated user setup, security features, user experience and cost. The platform uses AWS Directory Services, Amazon WorkSpaces, AWS Virtual Private Cloud, and services such as AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and AWS Secrets Manager to demonstrate effective cloud security architecture and DevSecOps automation techniques – many of which will be demonstrated live during the presentation.

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