How modernised and secured their working environment – Gavin James, Solutions Architect, Pontec

Recently, began a modernisation project to shift most of their remaining on-premise applications to SaaS and adopt Office 365. However, as these projects started to take shape, they quickly realised that their existing Proxy solution was not fit for purpose and causing headaches for a lot of their Azure DevOps users. To mobilise their workforce and speed up their adoption of SaaS applications, needed a Web Security solution that would secure internet access without needing to backhaul traffic to the datacentre. This would help reduce the dependency on their Data Centre and ultimately modernise their application estate.

In this session, contractor Gavin James discusses:

  • How was trying to modernise its internal apps and ensure Secure User Access to Office 365 and Azure DevOps
  • The Data Centre Traffic Challenge and the issues caused by legacy Proxy and VPN solutions
  • How split tunnelling was the key to solving the problems.
  • How Zscaler Internet Access and Zscaler Private Access enabled safe SaaS access for users over the Internet.
  • How COVID19 affected the delivery of Zscaler
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