Creating a 21st century broadcast centre – Roger Crothers, Senior Head of Engineering and Operations, BBC Wales

The challenge of delivering a world class service with public money is never an easy one.  That is the responsibility of BBC Wales, Senior Head of Engineering and Operations, Roger Crothers who we welcome to TechUG to discuss some the challenge of creating a 21st century broadcast centre which is example what BBC Wales are doing at their new building in Central Square which is on course to be one of the most technically-advanced broadcast centres anywhere in the UK. Roger will discuss:

  • IP as a broadcast infrastructure – there has been a step-change in technology resulting in a move away from SDI (serial digital interface) for moving media around to using IP.  Moving into the IT domain has presented a significant number of issues which need to be overcome, from evolving standards, lack of interoperability and challenges of supporting and troubleshooting.
  • Use of cloud in broadcasting – Discussion of where we use cloud and where we cannot due to low-latency requirements.
  • Virtualising production and broadcast systems Historically broadcast systems have been hosted on proprietary platforms but we have tried to virtualise as much of the tech estate as possible and this has meant a number of challenges needed to be overcome in order to operate effectively in a latency intolerant environment.
  • Building a fit-for-purpose technology team BBC Wales are in the midst of a fundamental restructuring of the technology teams and are attempting to multi-skill the teams in order to deliver significant savings.
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