Cyber Threat Landscape – Understanding your Risk, Now and in the Future – Colin Gracie, Enterprise Sales Manager, SonicWALL

Even for organisations, businesses and governments, a cyberattack is personal. At its very core, they strip these establishments and employees of their identities, intellectual property, privacy reputation and monetary. To promote global awareness and facilitate important dialogues, Sonicwall remains steadfast in its commitment to research, analyse and share threat intelligence via the SonicWall Cyber Threat Report. Join us for an overview of this years report and what to look for in the future when planning your Cyber Security strategy.

The presentation will focus on the recent changes to the threat landscape and modern malware. With advice on some key security policies and strategies that should be in place to protect against these modern threats including how Sonicwall can help to achieve their goals.

  • What are the biggest threats of the past 12 months and are you protected?
  • What do we see to be the biggest threats of the next 12 months and are you ready?
  • Are you using cloud applications and are you protected?
  • Why Ransomware affects everyone.