End User Compute in a “Cloud first” era – Gavin James, Solutions Architect, Pontec

This presentation will be focussed around showing the audience how the EUC landscape has changed to suit a cloud first era for large Enterprise and SME organisations.

Illustrating the VDI journey from when it was first envisaged by the VDI alliance in 2006 to its present-day form (cloud virtual desktop) and why Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) will breathe new life into the VDI original vision. Covering how vendors like Citrix offer solutions that provide a unified portal for both on-premise and cloud resources enabling customers to adopt Cloud computing whilst leveraging their existing on-premise investments.

Discussing how WVD enhances device mobility and why “VDI or rich laptops” is not a binary conversation for an EUC  strategy. How large Enterprise and SME organisations can benefit from the converged Microsoft cloud capabilities offered by a Microsoft 365 license.

Real-world customer examples will be referenced from recent cloud projects delivered over the past 2 years to contextualise these topics. A demonstration will be used to show modern EUC, WVD, Azure AD, Intune, Microsoft 365 and Defender ATP in action.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to deliver a cloud first EUC solution
  • How to deliver Windows Virtual Desktop, complementing a mobility strategy
  • How to leverage on-premise and cloud VDI investments
  • Demonstration of a Cloud first EUC solution incorporating VDI
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