Tracking aircraft with a Raspberry PI, Kafka and Vertica – Mark Whalley Vertica Technical Enablement Lead at Micro Focus

Using a small number of Raspberry PI “radars” in Geneva, Moscow, New York and Pennard (where?), collecting ~100m messages per day from aircraft, we stream the data into a Vertica database via Apache Kafka.  With 50bn historic records, and live data streaming in 10 second micro batches, we have prepared a number of Tableau dashboards to demonstrate having a live conversation with the Vertica database.  In this we are using some of the hundreds of in-database analytic, data preparation and machine learning Vertica SQL functions.  The dashboards include; the latest positions of aircraft, flight tracks, gap filling & interpolation and sessionisation – to name but a few.

This short presentation will provide a high-level overview of the project from aircraft to dashboard and introduce the Vertica Analytic Database at a very high level.