A headshot on a grey background of Gary Morris, a Solutions Architect working for Infinidat

Gary J Morris, Solutions Architect at Infinidat

Gary cut his teeth in the financial industry in roles that covered systems administration, operations, trading floor support, building moves and running a European server team to name a few. In 2001 he became storage-focused and entered the world of ‘Storage Engineering’ where he touched, tested and designed solutions based on a variety of technologies from those that were mature to the more ‘bleeding-edge’, based on the mantra of “better, faster, cheaper”.

After some 17 years within Investment Banks, he took a complete change in industry and role, joining EMC to put his ‘customer experience’ to use as a Senior Systems Engineer within Media & Advertising. Having embraced a new industry, the opportunity soon arose for the position of a Solutions Architect in what was deemed at the time to be a real-life ‘unicorn’ in the world of storage – INFINIDAT where he continues to work closely with customers today.

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  • Short Bio:Gary is a Solutions Architect that is challenging thinking and perceptions to drive solutions that will deliver now and into the future.
  • https://www.infinidat.com/
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