Kev Johnson, Systems Engineer, Runecast Solutions

After some time working as a consultant and the at VMware as a Technical Marketing engineer for vSphere, I’m now a Systems Engineer at Runecast Solutions in a mostly presales capacity, but bringing my capability to wear many hats. Catch me at conferences, blogging, making videos, meeting customers, kissing babies and generally helping to spread the good news about Runecast Analyzer. When I’m not blogging or chatting to folks at VMUGs and the like, I enjoy getting a little political and even sometimes talking about technology on Twitter. I occasionally even get my act together enough to put some content up on my blog. You can even find me on LinkedIn, if that’s your cup of tea. 

I’m OpenTechCast’s benevolent (and token) northerner, and the member of the team most likely to be suffering from Imposter Syndrome at any given moment however once I get talking you may find it tough to get me to stop. I *love* the rush of public speaking, and sometimes I even get to talk about stuff I might have more than a 101 level understanding of.

I hold a variety of certs that probably mean very little from the likes of VMware, Microsoft, Dell EMC, IBM, Veeam and a few others. I don’t like to talk about them, they kept me awake at night too much.

  • Short Bio:Presales and other stuff @Runecast Ex @VMware with passion for Scots fitba, beer & food. Some certs. Obligatory "views are mine" @OpenTechCast token northener
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