Colour head shot of Cloud Computing and virtualisation expert, Using VMware to provide virtual data centre services from UK data centres. who is a TechUG Community Speaker

Richard May, MD, virtualDCS

Efficiency through the application of Information Technology has always been a passion of mine. Not IT for the sake of IT, but instead working out how to improve processes and tasks; then either buying or creating appropriate systems and tools to achieve the desired outcomes.

During my 30 years in the IT Industry, I have worked with everything from Punch cards to Public Clouds. Working with both end-users and resellers, I have gained experience in both the Service Provider and Cloud sectors, helping create IT strategies that improve productivity and growth.

In 2005 I worked with VMware to create the first-ever VMware cloud licencing model. Since then, I have been leading change within the Cloud industry, and in 2008, I went on to form my own cloud company, virtualDCS.

My areas of expertise include:
· Design of cloud infrastructure.
· Transforming legacy software to SaaS solutions.
· Development – from COBOL to C#.
· Desktop as a Service (DaaS), design and costing.
· Service provider licencing.
· Creating and managing ISO 27001 management systems.
· Privacy and security.
· Backup and Disaster Recovery strategies and solutions (BaaS & DRaaS).
· Selecting and working with the best partners for specialist solutions.

At a softer level, my skills also include:
· Using my experience in a consultative sales approach.
· Working with all levels of management, at their level.
· Coaching and mentoring whenever possible.
· Presenting at events and seminars.

I’m also well known for:
· Understanding business processes – I get them and can add value immediately.
· Using a whiteboard whenever possible to work through ideas
· My honesty.

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