If you’re interested in sponsoring one of our TechUG Community Events please do reach out to Mike England to discuss, further details on sponsorship are below

Our event format…

Each community meets at least twice a year at a local business class hotel. Our more established communities like Leeds and Manchester also host social vBeers events where the local IT Pro’s get together over a pint.

Our community events are essentially 1 day conferences, some with just one or two content streams and others with 4 or 5. There is always a central networking area at which our sponsors have a table top presence. In this area we serve coffee, tea and pastries on arrival, a hot buffet lunch and afternoon tea. We always break out a few beers for the late afternoon sessions and then usually head to the bar for extra networking around 4.30pm. The day is completely free of charge of members and all costs are covered by sponsors.



Sponsorship opportunities…

There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities available and these include speaking and exhibiting opportunities. If you would like to learn more please download our current sponsorship document. If you would like to speak to a member of the team then please email us or call or contact Mike England on +447515637905